Gore in 2008?

January 17, 2005

Newmax is reporting that Algore is contemplating another presidential run in 2008. Dems are said to be abuzz about the civil war this could unleash in the party.

I personally don’t think John Kerry will be a factor in 2008, despite his continuing fantasies. And I don’t think Algore has a remote chance, even given the low threshold for sanity the Democratic Party base requires of its candidates. Gore has been an utter embarrassment on way too many occasions since his demise in 2000 to be taken seriously by the electorate — though, again, such behavior is not necessarily a deterrent for his base.

I expect most of the party big dogs to genuflect at the very thought of Hillary running. She will be anointed. But there might be some holdouts — either among the sore loser faction of Kerry or Gore, or organized by a more sober element of the party (if one exists) who realize how difficult it will be for Saint Hillary to prevail in the general. Having said that, if the Democrats want to have a civil war, I say please do, by all means. We conservatives might even consider a momentary departure from our constitutional instincts and consider contributing federal funds to subsidize their Civil War. 🙂