Homosexual Lobby’s Persistence

January 17, 2005

For those who think the homosexual lobby is recoiling from the voters’ unanimous message in November rejecting same-sex marriage, think again. The Washington Post reports that they are every bit as determined as before to normalize homosexual behavior and to secure special legal status. 22 LGBT groups have jointly issued a priority list, which includes their political goals. Among them are equal employment opportunities, making “sexual orientation” a protected class under federal hate crimes legislation, securing protection for children of LGBT couples, overturning restrictions on homosexuals in the military, fighting for special rights for homosexuals in state and federal legislation — note: on this one the activists refer to it as “opposing anti-gay state and federal legislation;” and continuing the fight for same-sex marriage.

Of further note: 1) The Log Cabin republicans are part of this effort. 2) President Bush has recently said he will not push senators to pass a traditional marriage amendment.