E-Mailer: No Exit Strategy for Western Europe Either

October 13, 2004

I just received this e-mail and want to post it because I think it does make a good point that we should remember. If any of you historians out there have more information on this I’d be happy to see it. Notwithstanding my correspondent’s claim I do believe Rush has discussed this on his show a number of time. Here’s the e-mail:

Dear David:

The left keeps whining about a U. S. exit strategy (or the lack thereof) from Iraq. You (and to my knowledge no other conservative commentator) have never pointed out the plan for U.S. withdrawal from Western Europe after the Second World War. To Wit: 1) After VE-Day and continuing for SEVEN years, U. S. Troops were subjected to, and killed almost daily by, the same type of insurgent attacks from loyalists of Adolph Hitler as are being killed today by insurgents in Iraq!; and 2) WE’RE STILL THERE!!

We’re in Western Europe as protectors, not as occupiers! This story needs to researched and told over and over and over again. A U.S. Airbase in a democratic Iraq is just what that region needs. (After all how many military bases do we currently have protecting Germany? and France?) Bush and his advisors need to say, “We are not going to leave Iraq, just as we did not leave Western Europe after VE-Day.” Please help get this historical perspective into the national political debate! Thank you.