Priceless E-mails

January 14, 2005

I’ve received some great e-mails on my column about Ted Kennedy’s muddled-vision speech, portions of which I wanted to share. Check out these gems:

1) Mario writes:

This is Ted Kennedy you are talking about. He only opens his mouth to change feet.

Please let him speak. The more he does the better for the Republican cause.

Is that not great?

2) Stuart writes:

My wife has forbidden me to watch the news in her presence. When creeps like the fat drunk start talking, I am likely to fill the room with cursing and swearing.

3) An unidentified e-mailer writes:

Talking about speaking clearly, I’m surprised that your brother didn’t have the audio of Kennedy making a point by referring to Barrack Obama and mistakenly starting to call him Osama Bin Laden. He caught himself after the Bin and before the Laden, but, never made a full recovery and wound up calling the Senator from Illinois, Osama Barama.

Rush has played the quip, by the way.

4)Peter writes:

Sir, I have always regarded Sen. Kennedy as the ‘Freddo Corleone’ of the Kennedy clan. When He complains of global warming I just figure it is because he is warmed by extra blubber.

Oh those nasty conservatives.

5) Joseph writes:

Senator Kennedy shared his vision for America this week in a speech at the National Press Club. Are you sure it wasn’t the National Press PUB? What an embarrassment to the sheeple of Massachusetts who keep re-electing him, and the US Senate. A real asset to Conservatives, though…

National Press Pub — you gotta love that.

6) James writes:

Speaking clear. Geeze, I thought you were going to tell me Sen. Ted Kennedy had checked himself in to the Betty Ford clinic, or had joined an [AA] group! Never mind…

7) Juliette writes:

Dear Mr. Limbaugh; great article. Anybody that can take this man seriously is beyond me; I so glad I witnessed the “Chevus Regal” (sp) neuro breakdown also; (Ted trying to remember Barrack Obama)