Homosexual Activists Target Children’s Shows

January 13, 2005

According to the Traditional Values Coalition:

All of the major children’s television shows are joining together in a coalition with the “We Are Family Foundation” to promote the homosexual agenda under the guise of teaching children “tolerance” and “diversity” in our culture.

Characters from such shows as Arthur, Barney, Bob the Builder, Jimmy Neutron, etc., will appear in a video performance of a song titled “We Are Family” by the We Are Family Foundation, a pro-homosexual, pro-feminist organization. The show will air on the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and PBS on March 11.

When I read things like this I am constantly reminded of the dogged determination of the homosexual community and their liberal activist enablers to “normalize” homosexuality and to indoctrinate America’s children to their way of thinking. And it is often done, as here, under the radar and without the knowledge of parents, who remain generally clueless. Have you ever heard of any opposing groups trying to use the television airways to influence children in the other direction? Of course not. The only activism, the only initiatives in this area, emanate from the homosexual lobby.

I recently read that President Bush, though himself a strong practicing Christian and relying daily on God for strength, does not believe that Christian values are under assault in America. He sees the culture’s rapid reaction to these types of things as encouraging more than he sees the things themselves as discouraging.

I disagree. I see the Christian reaction to these types of things more like fingers sporadically being inserted into holes in the dike, with new holes opening faster than traditional values champions can fill them. And those making the holes continue to enjoy the moral high ground in the culture, couching their values assault as a crusade for civil rights. Opponents are demonized as bigots and reactionary obstructers or human rights.

The Illinois legislature, for example, just passed a bill preventing discrimination against people on the basis of their sexual orientation and sent it to Governor Blagojevich (who says he supports it) for his signature. If the linked article is correct, Illinois is the 14th state to pass such a measure. And proving my point about the activists couching their initiatives in terms of “rights” is this blurb from the article:

Proponents couched the measure in terms of human rights, saying discrimination against gays and lesbians over housing and employment was just as wrong as discriminating against people because of race or religion.

“It’s not about anything except basic human rights for the citizens of Illinois,” said state Rep. Lou Lang.

From assaults on the Boy Scouts to city mayors issuing illegal same sex marriage licenses, the single-minded relentlessness of the homosexual lobby is on full display. All the while many Christians and other proponents of traditional values remain in denial that their cultural values are under assault.