Lorie Byrd on Rathergate

January 13, 2005

While the CBS documents fiasco, including the non-independent report on it were still hot I thought I would share with you links to my friend Lorie Byrd’s valuable ruminations on the subject on her own site: Byrd Droppings and on Polipundit.

This is Lories’ first reaction to the report where, among other things, she dissents from the panel’s conclusion that political bias was not part of the motivation. Here, Lorie touches on the independent panel’s whitewash. Here, she eviscerates CBS’s double standard in its full embrace/participation in the anti-Bush story while passing on the exceedingly well-documented Swiftee claims against John Kerry. Here she suggests that CBS’s political bias against President Bush can be seen beyond its role in Rathergate, in other stories constituting a “pattern of political hit pieces on the President in the months leading up to the election.”