Proposal: A Hillary Moonbat Tracker

January 7, 2005

I don’t know about your acumen in the discernment department, but I happen to be blessed or cursed with the quality and I’m going to tell those of you who haven’t yet figured it out: Hillary Clinton has always been (at least since college) a Leftist radical and she remains one today, no matter how much she endeavors to disguise it. She is also, on a personal level, a very cold, uncaring, supercilious individual looking down her nose at the rest of us peons. While much has been written — including, by me — about her conscious effort to recast herself as a centrist in anticipation of her 2008 presidential run, we must not forget that between now and then she will have to throw occasional bones to her rabid, Michael Moore base. Yesterday she threw one as she joined the cacophony of those in her party decrying election fraud. This wasn’t lost on the New York Post, which wrote:

So much for the new, moderate – dare we say centrist – Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yesterday she lined up with her party’s moonbat ‘They-Stole-Ohio’ caucus. … No doubt visions of her own installation are dancing in Hillary’s head; that could explain her flirtation with the grassy-knoll commandos of her party’s left-wing: They work hard for their candidates in presidential primaries.

I just wish some energetic blogger would take on the task of cataloging Hillary’s many necessary bone-tosses to her base over the next four years so that we can have them handy to throw them back at her as the 2008 presidential campaign unfolds. Who knows, maybe someone is already doing this.