Rich Lowry Piece

January 7, 2005

National Review’s Rich Lowry makes a compelling case for why the Bush administration should relish this fight over the Gonzales nomination and the torture issue because:

The confirmation hearings for Al Gonzales’s nomination as attorney general ostensibly are about his suitability for the job. But the real issue is how we conduct the war on terror.

And if the Democrats have their way, they’ll handcuff us in the War on Terror by preventing us from useful interrogation methods against enemy combatants. Lowry brings great clarity to this issue and reminds us that we need to fight these people on issues like this that really matter instead of rolling over. Among other things, Lowry explains why Geneva wasn’t intended to apply to international terrorists and how Abu Ghraib was completely unrelated to the “torture” memos. Great piece destroying a number of essential tenets of today’s conventional wisdom.