Michelle Malkin’s Rathergate Compendium

January 7, 2005

Michelle Malkin, as is so often the case, has done our homework for us. Check out her excellent post, “Rathergate Refresher Course,” wherein she provides links to the blogosphere’s various deconstruction of the CBS forged documents scandal. Some incredible info contained in those links. I checked the trackbacks to the Powerline link and at last count it had 605 entries. I was tempted to make mine 606 but I doubt too many would read down that far. I’d say these guys don’t have too many problems with readership. The thorough post is a good indication why they don’t.

Update: The Cassandra Page has indicated that I am remiss for not also mentioning their great links to the “Top Outrages of Election 2004,” including Rathergate. So here’s the Link to that compendium as well. And thank you Cassandra Page.