John Kerry’s Intemperate Remarks in Baghdad

January 6, 2005

When I first read about John Kerry’s Bush-bashing to the troops in Baghdad today I thought it was from some spoof website. But I looked and Newsmax is reporting this story, which was originally covered by the San Francisco Chronicle. John Kerry, once again demonstrating in spades his unfitness for office, demeans our commander in chief to the very troops under his command. What possible constructive purpose could be served by such inappropriate remarks? None, other than Kerry’s perverse notions about ingratiating himself with the troops and the public in general by tearing down Mr. Bush. Either that or, like Al Gore before him, just can’t contain his bitterness at being denied his lifelong dream of becoming the most powerful man in the world.

According to Newsmax:

Visiting with U.S. troops in Baghdad on Thursday, failed presidential candidate John Kerry trashed Commander-in-chief George Bush for making “horrendous judgments” and “unbelievable blunders” that have undermined the war effort.

In a series of demoralizing comments first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, the defeated Democrat griped, “What is sad about what’s happening here now is that so much of it is a process of catching up from the enormous miscalculations and wrong judgments made in the beginning.”

Kerry said that because of the Bush administration’s mistakes, “the job has been made enormously harder.”

My column today, fresh off the presses, decries Democrats for allowing their party, without dissent, to be enveloped by bitter partisanship and corruption, to the detriment of the nation. John Kerry today just provided yet another exhibit in this overwhelming case.