The Imminent Borking of Gonzalez

January 4, 2005

As you surely know by now, the Left is on a mission to destroy Bush Attorney General nominee Alberto R. Gonzales, using as an excuse his legal memo concerning the definition of torture in the context of terrorist detainees. Be assured that Gonzales’ role in this torture issue probably has very little to do with the Left’s opposition to him, though that is icing on the cake for them. They probably hate him because he’s a close confident of the primary hatee, George W. Bush. The New York Times and Washington Post, are acting as though in concert to lead the editorial charge against Gonzalez. The Post argues that Gonzalez’ interest in this torture created a relaxed climate toward torture, which led to Abu Ghraib, etc. And the Times is doing everything it can to ratchet up negative publicity about Gonzalez leading into his confirmation hearings. Lee A. Casey & David B. Rivkin Jr. have a great piece on this at National Review Online,which you should read — though only part of the article is available, the balance being in National Review Magazine or the digital version. But the segment at NRO provides much info.