Dennis Prager: The Case for Judeo-Christian Values

January 4, 2005

I strongly recommend this great column by Dennis Prager on the fundamental importance of Judeo-Christian values. Prager is consistently a powerful voice on moral issues, and, as with so many observant Jews, demonstrates the moral common denominator uniting Jews and Christians, namely the Old Testament. As Prager says:

As a Jew, by “biblical” I am referring to the Old Testament, but this should pose no problem to Christian readers, since this is the first part of their Bible as well. Indeed, as the greatest Jewish thinker, Maimonides, pointed out over 800 years ago, it is primarily Christians who have spread knowledge of the Jews’ Bible to the human race.

I concur. Christ came not to abolish, but fulfill the Law. While believing Christians and believing Jews, obviously, disagree on the most fundamental tenets of Christianity, they share a common heritage and, for the most part, values. I appreciate Mr. Prager’s declaration of these facts and his efforts to make the case for the virtues of Judeo-Christian virtues.