I Really Can’t Believe These People

January 3, 2005

I was watching Hannity and Colmes tonight as my friend Ann Coulter was correctly pointing out that President Bush magnanimously called upon Bill Clinton to work with George H.W. Bush to head up the disaster fund raising for the tsunami victims even though Clinton has been trashing him. No sooner was I nodding my head in agreement with Ann than the screen switched to Democratic propagandist Mary Anne Marsh, who glibly mouthed the latest Democrat talking points on this disaster. (Note: It is despicable that Democrats have concocted talking points to capitalize on a tragedy like this. It’s hard to believe, even for them).

Rolling effortlessly off Mary Anne’s tongue was the assertion that President Bush made a political mistake — and he knows it — by coming out of the gate with too little money for the disaster victims.

Just what is this? Has it ever happened before that a political party out of power would immediately exploit a nonevent such as President Bush’s timing on announcing relief funds in the midst of a tragedy like this? The Democrats were behaving this way 24/7 throughout the presidential campaign, but the election’s over. Ah, but that’s the point, isn’t it? Henceforth the campaign, for Democrats, is never over. Democrats are always going to be at war with Republicans from this day forward just as if we are still in the thick of a campaign. They see every event as an opportunity to degrade the president and Republicans in general.

As I was saying in my column tonight, it is just ridiculous for them to have made anything out of the president’s actions in this matter. Can’t we just be a unified United States for, say, a one week period? Are the Democrats actually so arrogant as to assume that their public flailing of the president for his “lack of compassion” has forced him, against his will, to cough up more money? Why would they just automatically assume — or pretend to assume — that he really doesn’t care about the victims and is only doing the minimum he has to do to get by?

Only liberal arrogance and presumptuousness can explain such a reaction. These people really believe every last one of us conservatives is stingy, greedy, uncompassionate and cold. As they sit there in smug judgment, they overlook their own emphasis on “gotcha” politics rather than the tragedy itself.

But as Mary Anne continued she grew more preposterous with each soundbite. She actually suggested that President Bush appointed Clinton for two reasons: 1) to mute Clinton as to any further criticism of his relief policies, and 2) by using Clinton along with his father to raise private funds for the victims, hopefully dwarfing public funds, President Bush intends to strengthen (by analogy) his case for partially privatizing Social Security. Only sinister minds could even think up, much less attribute, such sinister, calculating, Machiavellian schemes to President Bush. Again, it’s just more projection from these warped souls. The simpleton, George W. Bush, thinking nothing of the disaster victims, is actually using this as an opportunity to further his domestic agenda. I would laugh this off but for the fact that Democrats will repeat this enough that some of their followers (the gullible class) will believe it. Endless, shameless, destructive exploitation of a horrific tragedy. Nothing is off limits to these people.