Pushing the Passion

December 28, 2004

My friend Pat Hynes of CrushKerry.com is scheduled to appear on Hannity and Colmes tonight to discuss the worthiness of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of Christ” for Oscar awards. Pat has also begun a website in furtherance of this cause, “Passion for Fairness,” which I’ve promoted on this blog before.

I passionately agree with Pat on this issue and have been a passionate supporter of this extraordinary movie. I wrote three columns on the subject, “Mel Gibson’s Passion for ‘The Passion,'” “The Passion Revisited,” and “The Passion, Part III.”

In those columns I addressed some of the bogus challenges leveled at the movie and at Mel Gibson, among other things. I understand that Pat will face some movie critic who will doubtlessly be re-asserting those same claims tonight. I hope Patrick asks him to produce just one shred of evidence of the violence against Jews that critics predicted would be incited by the movie.