Blackwell Refuses to Roll Over

December 28, 2004

Ohio election challenges proceed by those who want to cast doubt on both the Ohio and national election processes. Ohio was a pivotal state in this year’s presidential election and it is sure to be in 2008 as well. Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, a rising superstar in the GOP who is the favorite to be GOP nominee for Ohio Governor in 2006, is in the thick of the controversy. It’s not hard to infer that the challengers know that if Blackwell helps to cement a Republican majority in Ohio the GOP’s presidential prospects will be significantly enhanced. So the misfits get a twofer by attacking Blackwell and the Ohio elections.

This ABC article is couched in terms seemingly intended to imply that Blackwell has something to hide and is therefore avoiding having his deposition taken in the election contest cases. Blackwell knows, however, that these contests are frivolous and he doesn’t want them to get any more attention than they deserve. This guy as spunk. He has taken on Jesse Jackson fearlessly and he is now accusing the 37 voters challenging the election of frivolous conduct.

I had the good fortune of meeting and spending time with Secretary Blackwell a few weeks ago in his office and later shared a podium with him as we both spoke at a very worthwhile event. I couldn’t have been more impressed with the man and am looking forward to the unfolding of his political future. He is a principled leader, unafraid to take on the existing power structure. I hope that he has ambitions beyond the state level. In the meantime I’m gratified that he’s fighting back against the absurdity and destructiveness of these constant assaults against our election system. If things keep going the way they’re going, such election challenges may be the Democrats’ weapon of choice.