Christian Public Interest Law Firms

December 21, 2004

In my book I talked a great deal about the various Christian law firms that exist solely to promote religious liberty and to fight the rampant assault against Christians, Christianity, Christian expression and the free exercise of the Christian religion in America. Thanks to two of those fine organizations, Alliance Defense Fund and Liberty Legal Institute, the U.S. Department of Justice has opened a “preliminary inquiry” into the Plano Independent School District’s restrictive policy.

The two Christian firms filed a federal suit against the district for refusing to allow students to distribute Christmas messages during school parties and on school property.

It is so important that these firms are out front in the culture war. When I was being interviewed on my book on radio and TV liberals constantly pooh poohed my claim that Christians were subject to discrimination and mistreatment. They cited many cases in my book where the complaining Christians prevailed in various lawsuits and vindicated their religious freedoms. Two points about that: 1)the fact that I included those many cases in which Christians prevailed proves that I was reporting the facts and not trying to distort the picture to support my thesis; and 2) while it’s true that Christians are often successful in litigation when they do challenge the encroachments on their religious liberties, many more never file suits and a pattern of discrimination continues to pervade jurisdiction after jurisdiction. It doesn’t matter much what the law is if public officials routinely violate it. Part of the purpose of my book was to alert people both to their rights and to the existence of these noble public interest law firms existing solely to aid them.

So let’s not understate the importance of the work these firms are doing and try to support them whenever we can.