Excuse Me, I Almost Forgot — Kerry Has No Interest in the Ohio Recount

December 12, 2004

Kerry’s people and Democrats in general have said that Kerry has no interest in changing the outcome of the election through Ohio. I suppose that could be true, but his behavior is getting more and more curious. Today we read that his lawyers have eleven separate items they, not the Greens and Libertarians, are requesting as part of the Ohio recount. Among those items is a request that Kerry’s people be able to visually inspect the 92,000 ballots in which no votes were recorded. If Kerry’s not looking to change the outcome of the election (and those 92,000 votes, even if all were for Kerry wouldn’t by themselves change the outcome), he certainly is interested in being one of the major torchbearers keeping this election fraud myth alive. Maybe he figures that one essential condition precedent to staying in contention for the 2008 nomination is that he continue to carry on the “we were robbed” mantra.

Can’t we just move on? Why can’t we all just get along?