Bush Asked Loaded Question About Admitting His Mistakes in Office

October 8, 2004

He admits he’s made some, but says he’ll take responsibility and says on the big ones he thinks he made the right decisions, such as in Afghanistan and Iraq, which is what the question is getting at anyway — that and trying to create the impression that Pres. Bush can’t admit his mistakes. He says he’ll be accountable.

Kerry gets to respond to this: President Bush made a catastrophic mistake not building the correct coalition. Boy that’s lame Senator. As if your refrain that the president rushed the nation to war without a plan to win the peace. Meaningless, ineffective weasel words that will score you no points, Senator. Kerry is now reduced to repeating his generalities.

President Bush hammers home Kerry’s bizarre claim that President Bush wouldn’t adequately arm the troops when Kerry voted against the $87 billion.

Kerry again reduced to defensiveness, saying he made a mistake in how he talked about the $87 billion. No, Senator, again your mistake was in how you voted.