New Website Being Launched

December 6, 2004

Our friend Patrick at has asked us to spread the word about an organization and new website he is launching. Here’s his note, which explains his goals better than I could:

One symbolic battle in the war is about to take place. The Hollywood entertainment industry will soon decide which films, director and actors to honor at the Oscars. I fear — given the enormous hostility to the film and its director — that The Passion of The Christ will be passed over, probably in favor of Michael Moore’s film Fahrenheit 911.

Therefore, I have launched a new organization called Passion for Fairness to impose our middle-American values on Hollywood for a change, instead of the other way around. With this launch I’m happy to announce a new website:, which features a petition drive, news about the Oscar race, an opportunity for visitors to vote for The Passion to receive a People’s Choice Award and much more. The site has just now been launched, so expect many more innovations to come.

As you probably know from my columns on the subject, I am a very passionate supporter of “The Passion of the Christ,” and I wholeheartedly applaud Patrick’s efforts here. Please check out his site.