This is Really Getting Old

December 6, 2004

The ever-alert CrushKerry boys direct us to this Washington Post article reporting that two legal challenges are being planned to contest Ohio’s certified presidential election results. They’re talking about long lines — even some Dems have said this is a preposterous basis for challenge — a shortage of machines and a pattern of problems in predominantly black neighborhoods.

Don’t you just love the generalities: “a pattern of problems?”

I can truly foresee a time when liberals will file a class action suit against the upper middle class or the United States government (which they see as the upper middle class’s greatest benefactor — since all money is the government’s money and there is only an upper middle class because the government “allows” these pampered wretches to keep so much of it), demanding that their ill-gotten gains be redistributed among the lower middle and poor.

Sorry for that run-on sentence but I couldn’t resist. But I’m not being too far-fetched with this premise. Libs think they need no basis to challenge things anymore other than inequitable results — meaning results they don’t like — whether in life’s “economic lottery” or elections. These nonstop election challenges are one day going to approach a form of domestic terrorism on our political system. I repeat: where are the adults on the Left?

Update: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that Democrats have now demanded a statewide hand recount for the twice counted gubernatorial election. They won’t even accept the concession of their own candidate.

Update II: ABC’s “The Note” has these ominous words among their introductory paragraphs:

On the day Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell is expected to certify President Bush the winner in that state, DNC chair Terry McAullife and strategist Donna Brazille will announce that the DNC will fund a full-scale investigation of the reported irregularities there. The report, which is due in the spring of 2005, is also aimed at soothing the antsy Democratic base, portions of which seem to be convinced that the party isn’t doing all it can to get to the bottom of some of the alleged problems.

Oh Boy!