More on John Stott and Jerry Falwell

December 4, 2004

Thursday I wrote about NYT’s Columnist David Brooks’ column in praise of theologian John Stott and condemnation of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and said, among other things, that I was initially reluctant to cite Brooks’ column despite liking Brooks and wholeheartedly agreeing with his praise for Stott because he took shots at Falwell and Robertson in the column.

I was just reading Jay Nordlinger’s always interesting “Impromptus” on National Review Online, wherein he takes essentially the same position I did on the matter. I appreciate Nordlinger’s equally politically incorrect defense of Falwell in this piece. I like being in good company and Jay Nordlinger is good company.

Also, if you didn’t read my Thursday post I would encourage you to take a look at it (here’s the link again) not because of my comments, but because of the profound quotes I pasted from Stott’s “The Cross of Christ.” No one captures the Christian answer to the problem of human pain and suffering better than Stott.