Say It Ain’t So, John Kerry

December 1, 2004

Worldnetdaily is reporting that Kerry is, in effect, reneging on his election concession to President Bush in that he is trying to join the lawsuit of the two third-party candidates seeking a recount in Ohio. The Green and Libertarian Parties initiated this frivolous suit. President Bush won Ohio by 136,000 votes. The Washington Post ran a similar story today.

Did any of you people really believe John Kerry was feeling statesmanlike when he momentarily acted statesmanlike and gracious during his concession speech?

I didn’t believe it for a second, because of observing the character of the man throughout the campaign and having learned about what he did in the past. If he were capable of shame, he should be mightily ashamed of himself for following in Al Gore and the national Democratic Party’s footsteps to continue to undermine American democracy.

It would be one thing if there were any credible allegations of substantial voter fraud that could have altered the election results. But just as in Florida, these are all trumped up lies used as last-ditch efforts to reverse the popular will. Because the Florida lower courts and Supreme Court, through their lawlessness, forcing the United States Supreme Court to put an end to their efforts to hijack the election, the 2000 election history was revised on the spot to conform to the Democrat myth that Republicans stole the election.

In fact, the Democrats tried to and were thwarted in their effort. But not before significant damage was done to the electoral process and the public’s confidence in our system. The Democratic Party, at its highest levels, continues to put victory above all else. As has been mentioned countless times before, even their most hated enemy, Richard Nixon loved the nation too much to put it through an election contest when the election truly was stolen from him in 1960 — a matter of common knowledge.

As Zell Miller might ask, “When are the adults in the Democratic Party regain a measure of control of that institution? Or is it simply too far gone, what with the thugocracy that currently runs it, from departing DNC Chairman Terry McAwful on down. This insanity must end.