More On Liberal Open-mindedness

December 1, 2004

Unbeknownst to me, no less an authority than liberal stalwart and confirmed Dubya-hater, Old Media Dinosaurette Helen Thomas addressed the question, “What’s Wrong With Being Liberal?” in her column of October 13, 2004. (Hat Tip: Free Republic). I am citing this column because it relates to a point in my earlier post about liberals dominating American universities and liberals deluding themselves into believing they’re open-minded.

Thomas just confirms the liberals’ favorable self-assessment. Boy these people feel morally superior — an ironic thing when you consider how much they resent conservatives promoting “moral issues.”

Here are the revealing paragraphs from Thomas’s column:

Various dictionaries describe liberals as open minded, generous, progressive, leaning toward individual freedom, broadminded and ahead of the times.

Those interpretations of the word “liberal” seem to add up to a compassionate person. This president who calls himself a “compassionate conservative” surely cannot object to the label.

No, Helen, he didn’t object to it. He just wanted to make sure the public understood how it applied to John Kerry — not the compassionate part — just the liberal part. And, I hate to disappoint you, but most people know that the dictionary definition you cite, obviously written by some liberal lexicographer, is ludicrous. But thanks for confirming the liberal absence of self-doubt.