Studies Confirm Liberals Dominate Univeristy Faculties — Duh

December 1, 2004

Two studies by the National Association of Scholars found that there are many more Democrat than Republican professors at U.S. universities. In the American Anthropological Association the ratio of Democratic voters to Republic ones was 30 to 1.

Will McLauchlan, assistant political science professor, said he wasn’t surprised because liberals are open-minded people who will listen to the possibility that their views might be wrong. And since most academics are open-minded, it stands to reason that they would be liberals.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’d heard this myth that liberals are open-minded — or tolerant, for that matter. I guess they’re open-minded, for example, about President Bush’s character. I guess they’re willing to consider the possibility/likelihood that it is John Kerry et al who were lying about John Kerry’s record in Vietnam and about their bogus claim that President Bush was lying about Iraqi WMD.

Liberal arrogance is astounding. I, by the way, would not profess to be openminded about my ideology, which is what liberals are truly implying. I think I am fair-minded about facts. When liberals tell us they’re open-minded do they mean to suggest that they are open to adopting a different ideological take on issues? Don’t make me laugh.