More Liberal Feel-Good, but failed, Solutions

November 29, 2004

We know that many liberals gauge one’s morality more by what political policies he advocates than how he conducts his personal life. Thus, incredibly immoral, even criminal behavior by a candidate or politician are not disqualifying, provided he says the right things about the liberal agenda. The libs also often elevate good intentions above results, so that trillions and trillions of redistributed dollars thrown at eradicating poverty is an eternnal badge of honor rather than Exhibit A in the Liberal Hall of Shame.

Well, this morning, via Captainsquarters, I learned of another prime example of this liberal phenomenon. Captain Ed cites today’s Washington Post editorial lamenting the sudden drop in enrollment of African-Americans at the University of Michigan.

As Captain Ed points out:

The Post tries to blame the publicity surrounding the lawsuit for the stark decline, but in the next breath notes that the falling enrollments belong to a national trend…

The Post correctly deduces the problem — a failing public-school system — but then continues to advocate the same tired diversity policies at the college level for a cure.

This is exactly right. In true liberal form, they don’t question their failed policies — they just call for more of the same. Never a shred of accountability. Think of the libs approach to federal education: just throw more money at it, notwithstanding the obscene amounts we’re already spending.

But speaking of education, check out the rest of Captain Ed’s remarks on this post for a trenchant analysis involving school choice, etc.