CrushKerry/Anklebitingpundits Expose Dem Illogic — Again

November 19, 2004

Check out this post on (which has now changed it’s name to — and I have to remember to change the link on my blogroll. The post, “Old Media’s Latest ‘Bush Is An Idiot’ Plotline-New Cabinet Is ”Too Loyal,” is a nice compliment to my current column about Dems having become unhinged. Dems have been saying for four years that Dubya is as dumb as a box of rocks. Now he’s some brilliant Machiavellian tactician whose advisers are all just yes-men, or women. Anklebitingpundits seem to agree completely:

The story goes like this: George W. Bush is a drooling ignoramus who, left to his own talents, wouldn’t thrive in corporate middle management. Rather, Bush is a vehicle whose “brain” is actually housed in the personage of one Karl Rove. Rove uses Bush – Weekend At Bernie’s style – to advance the interests of the corporate oligarchy, which actually runs the country.

It’s always nice to be in good company in the game of political analysis.