Kerry to Sue John O’Neill? Don’t Make Me Laugh

November 19, 2004

According to Newsmax, someone in the Kerry campaign (is it still a campaign?) is whispering that the senator is contemplating filing a defamation action against hero Swiftvet, lawyer and patriot extraordinaire, John O’Neill — especially if Kerry decides to run again in 2008. The chances of that are nil, imho, since truth is an absolute defense to libel and slander actions.

But I do think it would be interesting if it did happen because it might cause the forced discovery of Kerry’s military records through the legal process. Such a development would surely end Kerry’s fantasies about running again. I think he better quit while he’s behind or even his liberal Senate seat could be in jeopardy. This silly rumor was obviously started by Kerry to allow him to save face — but it won’t work.

A case far more likely to succeed if O’Neill would ever consider it, which I’m sure he wouldn’t, is the other way around. O’Neill would have a submissible case against Kerry, his minions, and scores of Old Media dinosaurs who, for the sake of aiding John Kerry, called O’Neill a liar and a fraud, when he was telling the truth. Let these BS artists try to sell their wares in a court of law, which is a little different venue from a TV shout-fest. But fear not. For John O’Neill and his colleagues, this wasn’t about them, but about John Kerry and the United States of America. I’m sure O’Neill doesn’t feel the need to be vindicated. He already has been.