Clinton: Says He Doesn’t Care about Historians — But…

November 18, 2004

Newsmax has a partial transcript of a revealing exchange between ABC’s Peter Jennings and Bill Clinton in which Jennings challenges Clinton’s assertion that he doesn’t care what historians think about his presidency. That is just amazing. We all know that Clinton has been, is, and always will be obsessed with his legacy, which is to say, what historians think and will say about him. I am completely shocked by this, but based on this transcript, it appears that Jennings really pressed Clinton, and contradicted him, and in the process, infuriated him and uncovered the former president’s scarcely masked rage at Ken Starr and the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

This kind of repressed, or apparently repressed anger, cannot be healthy. And what’s so bizarre about it is that it’s so misguided. Clinton seems to feel that he was the victim of the greatest injustices in the world, when in fact, he and his hit men administered some of the greatest personal injustices in recent memory, most notably with Kenneth Starr, a paragon of decency, class, decorum and restraint, who they slandered at will, just to take the heat off of Clinton. So, I’m sorry Mr. Clinton, but I do not feel your pain, or comprehend or sympathize with your indignation. “You don’t want to go there, Peter.”