Senator Hillary Will Run for Second Term

November 17, 2004

Despite the apparent consternation of her groupies anxious to anoint her in 2008, Mrs. Clinton, according to the NY Times, intends to run for a second Senate term in 2006. Many of her supporters wanted her to forgo the Senate race to concentrate on the Clinton couple’s reacquisition of the White House to begin their third term together.

Her supporters’ main concerns are that if she runs for Senate, Republicans would not only bloody her up and hopefully trick her into taking positions damaging to her eventual presidential prospects, but call her a hypocrite for not serving out her full Senate term if she does run for president. I hate to try to calm down any Clinton supporters anytime, anywhere, but Hillary’s shrewd enough not to allow herself to be tricked into a misstep. And no one cares about these ephemeral commitments to complete terms of lesser positions. Didn’t her husband finesse that problem without a whimper? The answer is yes, as you’ll see in the Times article. But interestingly, Hillary plans to follow George W. Bush’s model rather than her husband’s. Unlike WJC, Dubyah didn’t promise to serve his entire gubernatorial term and allowed for the possibility that he might run for president.

I personally think Hillary is wise to stay the course. She’ll be much better positioned to run for president as a sitting Senator, imho.