Unhinged Leftist E-mail

November 16, 2004

For those of you who are insulated from the misfortune of receiving insane Leftist e-mails I want to share one I just received to give you a flavor of the … I’m speechless. I don’t know how to describe it. I’ll just paste it in. But I will add this: the only reason I’m posting this one is that it’s not X-rated, as are most of the ones I get from irate liberals. So I’ll give her that. At least she was civil and not crude. Enjoy.

First of all, John Kerry really won the election. The votes in Florida and Ohio are bogus and you know it. The exit polls told the truth in 2000 and in 2004. Bush lost both times, but you repulsive republicans have stolen this country. You say we are fighting for democracy in Iraq yet you don’t trust it here. You have to rip off the American people to get your guy in…..your ends justify the means. You lie and steal. You should be ashamed.

Bush did not in any way win a resounding victory, even if the votes have to stand in their stolen state. The red states got redder, he still hasn’t won any state with any type of wide spread intelligence. You can fool some of the people some of the time…………

I just hope you wake up to the truth before our country, which I love so much, is totally destroyed. Every free thought curtailed, every spark of ingenuity thwarted. If America could speak to the world we would say we’re embarrassed. Embarrassed by the actions of the minority, the small minded, war mongers who have stolen our democracy. You are one of these folks and I hope you live to see the results of your insanity.


A very concerned American

A strong Kerry supporter…..he is an intelligent, admirable man no matter how you inept fools try to smear him. Most Americans know better than the foolish words you spit out. The sound bites are mind numbing, just like your party likes it. Drone on fools, the hazards you fail to see will definitely hit us all. It’s just a shame we all have to suffer for the idiotic idealogy of right wing lunatics.