More Democrat Conciliation

November 16, 2004

I ran across two little news items today that further underscore that the Democrats’ pugnaciousness has not subsided one ounce following their election day thrashing and despite their endless claims to be uniters.

Roll Call (subscription required) reports that President Bush

is unlikely to face strong opposition from Democrats as he seeks to fill a half-dozen newly vacant Cabinet posts, as the minority party instead focuses its energy on what seems likely to develop into an epic battle over the next Supreme Court nominee. By tradition, the opposition party rarely denies a president his top choice of Cabinet officials, but it has at times used confirmation hearings to question a nominee’s credentials or the administration’s policy goals.

Pay particular attention to the Dems’ intention to focus their energy on opposing the president’s next Supreme Court nominee. They don’t even know who he is yet and their poised to take him out.

And, the Washington Post says this about incoming Democrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid:

Reid declined to grant interviews on his new leadership position until this morning’s caucus vote makes it official. But shortly after the election, he hinted to Nevada reporters that Senate Democrats will make few, if any, concessions despite their setbacks.

This is what we can expect from a guy who supposedly gets along with Republicans. I’m all for Democrats fighting, within the system, for their positions. The ones in office did get elected, after all. It’s the dirty tricks, abuse of the Constitution, and the usurpation of authority that bother me. And, could they please quit lecturing Republicans and President Bush about being divisive? They wrote the book on divisiveness.