Democrats’ Emerging Strategy: Find a Better Liar

November 16, 2004

Lawrence Auster, in his always thoughtful “View from the Right” blog, ties my current column, “The Never-ending Clinton Factor,” to Peter Beinart’s latest piece in The New Republic. Auster observes:

… Peter Beinart says the Dems, rather than being divided by mutual recriminations in the aftermath of the election, are in fact far too united for their own good. Instead of criticizing themselves and changing, they are complacently agreeing with each other that they basically did nothing wrong in the election. All they need to do, the Democrats are assuring themselves, is to try to convince the public that they are patriotic, that they can be trusted with the national defense, and that they are not cultural and moral aliens. But, as Beinart correctly points out, that’s exactly what the Democrats strove so hard to do in this last election. How could anyone forget their ludicrous national convention, with its wall-to-wall evocations of patrioticm and military virtue that came across as false as a three-dollar bill?

This is an excellent point. The Dems are delusional if they don’t realize they already tried to put on a mask in this last campaign. That is not to say that they couldn’t succeed with a better candidate, but it’s interesting that they apparently don’t even realize they’ve already tried it.