Wizbang Blog Sets Sights on Moral Equivalency Crowd

November 11, 2004

Wizbang blog cites a news report of our soldiers freeing a chained, bruised, and starving Iraqi in Fallujah to emphasize a valuable point. Where are the Old Media in condemning the barbaric behavior of the enemy here? Our troops “found the man chained to a wall and shackled by his wrists and ankles. The man had been beaten by his captors and was very malnourished…”

Wizbang comments:

Now consider that it caused an international uproar when 7 of our GI’s put panties on prisoners’ heads. That story ran on the front page of the New York Times for over 30 days. Juxtapose that against the behavior of, and the lack of world condemnation of our enemies.

The “moral equivalent” crowd can kiss my…

I think this story (and Wizbang’s take on it) is especially relevant in light of the spate of comments coming out of the Old Media concerning Attorney General nominee Alberto R. Gonzalez’s evil legal memos in which “he argued for certain techniques that might be considered torture” and “which created a climate that possibly led to the prison abuses at Abu Ghraib.”

Rush played a montage of reporters mouthing this mantra over and over on yesterday’s and last night’s newscasts. I have always thought the moral outrage emanating from our press — and bought into by just about everyone — was artificial and over the top. It was as if we were all trying to prove how righteous and dignified we are by feigning unmitigated outrage at these prison abuses. No one on our side condones that sort of behavior, but I think what’s worse than the behavior itself, is the demagoguery of those on the Left who shamelessly exploited it to make it look like it was a result of policies the Bush administration had set in place. What? This is the administration that bends over backward to avoid civilian casualties and offending Muslims.

The exploiters, except for the fringe-kooks among them, knew Abu Ghraib was not representative of our military behavior. But sharing the same contempt for men in uniform that John Kerry has (and displayed in 1971 upon returning from the war), they had no misgivings about smearing the our entire military with suggestions that this incident had been ordered, or condoned, from on high.

To Wizbang’s point: why does the Left: “the moral equivalency crowd,” always reserve its indignation and outrage for our troops? Why is it incapable of finding any for terrorists like Yasser Arafat? Why aren’t they furious over the hostage slaughter houses we’ve located in Fallujah?

Don’t spend time thinking about it. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little redneck conservative minds.