Make Democrats Pay for Obamacare and Obamanomics

March 17, 2014

My humble advice to the GOP: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Don’t fail to grasp the significance of the Florida election. Make Democrats pay for their president and their shared agenda.

Don’t listen to any in the liberal media, the Democratic Party spin machine or any establishment Republican types who tell you Obama didn’t get his metaphorical head handed to him in the Florida special election for a House seat last week. Ignore those who tell you that you can’t tie this anchor around Democratic candidates who either supported Obamacare when it was being pushed or defiantly stand by it now.

Rejoice that White House officials and many Democratic apparatchiks are denying that Obamacare was “on the ballot in Florida” and are applauding without an ounce of credibility that Obamacare has now turned the corner because the government’s website is allegedly now functioning more efficiently.

For people surely know by now that the primary flaws in this law are not merely in the dysfunctional rollout website. In every respect, the law has been an unmitigated disaster that was born of a fraudulent narrative by a fraudulent president.

The Clintons planted the germinating seeds for Obamacare, when Hillary and crew started pushing the 46 million uninsured meme. It was an outright lie from the beginning, because they knew that the numbers were grossly distorted — that this number included illegals, people who could afford health care insurance but chose not to buy it, people who were eligible for government benefits but didn’t avail themselves of it and many who were reported as uninsured but were only in that status for a short period of time.

These toxic seeds didn’t bear poisonous fruit until years later, when Obama had laid the groundwork for a groundswell of public angst over economic “injustices” and income inequality. He and his propaganda ministers, with the full and unqualified help of his now corrupt party — and this is critical for us to recognize and exploit going forward — leveraged false guilt by telling multiple lies in order to pass this law.

But just as the stated reason for the law (uninsured) was a lie, so were Obama’s promises concerning what the law would and would not do. Instead of decreasing the cost of care, it is increasing it; instead of allowing us to keep our plans and our doctors, it is forcing a severance of our relationships with both; instead of improving access to care, it is decreasing it; instead of helping people and providing them with care they weren’t getting, it is robbing care for those who already had access to it — including cancer patients; and it is putting important health care decisions in the hands of heartless bureaucrats and out of the hands of loved ones and their doctors, which is horrifying when you contemplate it but utterly predictable. If you need a picture book to see how this will inevitably lead to the equivalent of “death panels,” then you are being willingly obtuse or dishonest because of raw partisanship. This legislative debacle is not even getting people insured. And on

top of all this, the law is a squeezing vise on our individual liberties.

While some Democrats and their operatives are wising up and admitting what a political nightmare this law is for their party, others are stubbornly clinging to the fantasy that Obamacare will be “a plus” eventually, possibly even by November, because perceptions of the law will change by then.

Others are blaming Republican partisan negativity for the law’s disasters. “Never defend; always attack,” advises Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin.

The problem with that is that the law is a self-evident failure — a nightmare like we’ve rarely seen before in American policy and politics.

That said, I would caution Republicans that this doesn’t mean they can’t squander the opportunity that Obama and his party have handed them on a silver platter. In obedience to the idolatrous gods of “bipartisanship,” collegiality, civility and moderation, they are fully capable of blowing it by failing to scream from the rooftops just how terrible this law is, that Obama knowingly and deliberately lied about it, that his entire party backed him on it, that millions of American people are being hurt as a result and that any Democrat who now tries to distance himself from the bill is nothing but a political opportunist unworthy of the voters’ trust.

In short, unlike their previous mode of operation, Republicans must be unafraid to hit this hard and capitalize on it in every future election, especially in November.

And it’s not just Obamacare; Obama’s entire agenda has been an unmitigated train wreck, and Republicans need to quit being afraid to call it that and make all Democrats pay for enabling this national destroyer.