Check out La Shawn Barber on Condoms and Cucumbers in Public Schools

November 10, 2004

This La Shawn Barber post ought to get your juices flowing. La Shawn cites a Washington Times story on the Montgomery County public school system’s approval of a curriculum “in which 10th-graders will be shown how to put condoms on cucumbers, and eighth-graders will learn that homosexual couples are the newest American family.”

And liberals tell us they oppose values-laden teaching in the public schools. Hypocrisy is their name. One parent mentioned in the article, Chris Moody, disputed the school board president’s assessment that this curriculum represented “mainstream thinking.” Moody correctly told her that opposition to the normalization of homosexual behavior is not “homophobia.” Kudos to Mr. Moody. I would think the unanimous affirmation of traditional marriage by 11 states ought to send a strong signal to the liberal community that a strong majority of the American people do not want to normalize the homosexual lifestyle. But the homosexual lobby keeps pushing and they will not be deterred.

La Shawn’s pithy assessment of this mess sums it up nicely for me — especially concerning the condom thing: “Sick, sick, and sick.”