Learning to Bask in Obama’s Comforting Assurances

November 11, 2013

“The end justifies the means” is an unstated rationale that guides much

liberal thinking and rationalizes immoral behavior in service to a

supposedly greater good. But a column I’ve just read stretches this twisted

ethical calculus to a new level.

Columnist Michael Cohen, in an op-ed for the New York Daily News, tells us,

essentially, that President Obama’s lie that people could keep their health

care plans if they liked them is not just defensible — because it was in

service to the greater good of imposing Obamacare on an otherwise unwilling

populace — but darn near laudable.

Obama is to be praised for having the courage to deceive us because we are

not enlightened enough to know what is in our best interests. The headline

of the column is “Behind Obama’s lie, our own immaturity.” The subhead digs

the knife in further: “We can’t handle the truth.”

Where would we be without the superior wisdom of liberals and their

altruistic willingness to engage in fraudulent coercion to speed us along

the evolutionary food chain?

After conceding that Obama uttered this lie at least 34 times, Cohen

admonishes us that “before we fully castigate the President for his

rhetorical flights of fancy, it’s important to keep in mind that Obama was

— to a large degree — telling Americans what they wanted to hear. In fact,

he was giving them the type of comforting assurances they insist upon

getting before backing any major policy change from Washington.”

Well then, by all means, all praise to Barack, the benevolent deceiver in

chief, for his comforting assurances. Though Americans may not be fully

aware of it, deep down they want their leaders to trick them with promises

of better things because otherwise, they would never have the sense to

embrace the far-reaching reforms that only liberal academics and community

organizers fully comprehend.

Cohen goes on to argue that though Obamacare “is the most far-reaching

piece of social policy since the Great Society … most Americans are

largely unaffected by it.” And “this was not accidental.” No, the plan was

“minimally invasive,” because “politicians knew Americans would never go

along with reform if they saw it as something that would disrupt their own


Let’s unpack this a bit, shall we?

In the first place, Obama’s assurance wasn’t just an innocuous case of

over-promising or a “rhetorical flight of fancy.” We now know that when

Obama made the promise, he was fully aware that as many as 93 million people

could lose their plans.

Is that an insignificant number — “minimally invasive”? If so, then how do

you explain Obama’s obsession with overhauling our entire health care system

even though only 10 million Americans were falling through the cracks with

the existing system, not 48 million as he repeatedly claimed — his first

big Obamacare lie?

So, is Cohen telling us that 93 million is an insignificant number but 10

million is not? No, he’s adopting another Obama lie that only 5 percent of

the population — not 93 million, which would be closer to 27 percent — is

being affected by his “you can keep it” lie.

OK, for the sake of argument, let’s say it’s only 5 percent. The

Obama/Cohen logic is that it’s just a rounding error when an oppressive

government forces 5 percent of Americans out of their health care plans. But

for the sake of 3 percent of Americans, who could have been subsidized for a

fraction of the cost of Obamacare, Obama was hellbent on the government’s

absorbing the world’s greatest health care system.

Don’t fret over this inconsistency. As long as the statist football is

being advanced, all is copacetic.

But as we can already see, even the more realistic 93 million figure

doesn’t paint the whole picture. Obamacare is introducing such chaos that

the entire system is almost certain to break down, which will lead, they

hope, to a single-payer plan.

But wait. Obama has repeatedly told us he is not angling for single-payer,

even though he is on record advocating it and nothing exists in his resume

to suggest he’s changed his mind.

We can trust Obama, can’t we? No? No big deal. Our ministers of truth have

revealed to us that trust and credibility don’t matter in our postmodern

world. What matters is that Obama is looking out for our best interests and

that he knows better than we ever could what those interests are. So let’s

hope he is lying to us about single-payer, too, because we’ll end up better

off for his lie.

In fact, I’m almost getting giddy contemplating all the other benefits that

will accrue to us from Obama’s other lies. For example, I’m on the edge of

my seat waiting to find out what lies he told us that led to his whispered

assurance to a Russian leader that he’d have more flexibility to dismantle

our strategic missile defense system after his re-election. Just think how

much better off we’ll be when he gets around to that one.

I wish they’d told us before that we don’t have to worry ourselves over

Obama’s policies because he is doing what is best for us. I could have

spared myself great anxiety over the state of our disunion.