God Bless the Conservative Warriors

October 31, 2013

I just don’t understand it. Everywhere we turn, we conservatives are told we need to moderate, be less extreme, be more bipartisan. The public just wants us all to get along and solve our major problems together.

Democratic politicians and the liberal media harp on the alleged extremism of mainstream conservatism, the tea party, Sen. Ted Cruz, conservative talk radio and anyone else who dares to call out President Obama and his Democratic congressional cohorts in plain language for what they’re doing to the country.

Nonsense. No one with a modicum of political power is more extreme than Obama’s Democrats are, yet they pretend they’re moderates who only want to work with Republicans for constructive bipartisan solutions.

President Obama, in his umpty-jillionth health care speech, told us Wednesday he is eager to work with Republicans: “Both parties working together to get the job done — that’s what we need in Washington right now.”

Sure, we’ll just ignore his admission that he wants to fundamentally change America and his five-year record of leftist extremism in doing just that. We’ll overlook his brazen refusal even to come to the table to negotiate.

Yet Republican establishment politicians and center-right Beltway pundits pile on, constantly lecturing those of us to their right — those more eager to fight than surrender — to calm down, be more pragmatic and focus on the next election, when we can really show them. We must get ahold of ourselves and temper our passions. For if we stand up to this bully in the White House and give him some of his own medicine, if we fight for our principles to the point that the government shuts down, independents will turn away from us in droves, and we’ll never win any more elections.

Does it ever occur to them that President Obama and his band of enabling Democrats set the standard for modern extremism in American politics and that they never tone down their positions? Do they ever wonder why the sainted independents don’t leave Democrats in droves for standing up for their own principles — as manifestly destructive as they are? Why do moderation and bipartisanship only apply to Republicans and Democrats get a free pass?

Republican Party insiders, strategists, operatives and head honchos seem particularly afflicted with the appeasement bug and are embarrassed by grass-roots conservatives, the tea party and intractable politicians such as Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, who refuse to blissfully join them in celebrating the glories of inaction and conciliation.

National Journal’s Ron Fournier writes: “A GOP operative who also requested anonymity said that Wednesday’s hearing on Obamacare highlighted what’s wrong with his party. ‘We looked like we were beating (up) the HHS secretary,’ he said of Kathleen Sebelius. ‘Why do we have to always overdo it?'”

Overdo it? Shame on you, Mr. Anonymity!

The reason we have to go after administration officials such as Sebelius is that they are destroying the world’s best health care system, ramping up the national debt, assaulting our liberties and brazenly lying to our faces about what they’re doing. Don’t you think, Mr. Measured, that it’s time we pointed out to the public exactly what these people are doing? Or should we just pretend that it’s politics as usual and that the administration has nothing but the best intentions in mind for Americans and just favors slightly different policies to get us there?

I’m sorry, but we don’t share goals with these people, which Obama, in a rare moment of candor, admitted in his speech. They don’t have the best intentions in mind for America or Americans — at least not as I define best intentions. If the Republican Party apparatus won’t allow us to fight them aggressively now, some might say it’s time to find a new vehicle that will accommodate our commitment to conservatism. I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to relinquish control of the GOP to those whose excessive time on the inside has clouded their perception as to what’s acceptable.

Instead of using their energy to haughtily reprimand and undermine conservatives, why don’t moderates turn their sights on Obama and his Democratic Party, whose goals they assure us they reject?

If people didn’t recognize Obama’s extremism before, they no longer have any excuse as we witness his deceit and intransigence on Obamacare, lying about every aspect of it and telling us to ridicule our lying eyes, which are observing the unprecedented chaos and destruction his socialized medicine scheme has wrought.

It’s past time to put away the silly talk about working with a man who has no intention of working with anyone who retains any respect for the American system as we know it. To candy-coat Obama’s mendacity and destruction is to enable him — and disable America. Indeed, this mindless talk of bipartisanship and moderation serves as perfect cover for the true extremists — the people who are permanently transforming the United States of America.

Isn’t five years enough to convince all of us we must quit playing patsy with these statists and join together to oppose them with as much fervor as we can muster?

Godspeed to those with the clarity of vision to see what is happening and the courage to oppose it.