More Democrat Bipartisanship, Unity and Healing

November 10, 2004

The Hill reports today that “Top Hill Democrats huddled yesterday to try to devise a strategy to combat President Bush’s agenda despite their weakened ranks in Congress.” The statesman John Kerry said:

Fifty-four-plus million Americans voted for healthcare. They voted for energy independence. They voted for unity in America. They voted for stem-cell research. They voted for protecting Social Security. We need to be unified and have a very clear agenda, and I’m going to be fighting for that agenda with all the energy I have, and all of the passion I borought to the campaign.

Concerning the statement in bold (above), I assume Kerry is still directing his remarks primarily to the gullible class. You know, that large segment of his constituency to whom he can make such absurd, internally contradictory statements, without causing so much as a flinch. The Hill Headline should have read: “John Kerry Calls for War Against Republicans While Demanding Unity with Them.”

But seriously, is devising a strategy to combat Republicans the talk of conciliation, good will, and healing? Don’t be silly. Unity, bipartisanship and healing don’t mean Democrats have to do anything differently. They just require that Republicans repent and believe — their way.

Can someone please tell me why the winners are the ones called upon to make the concessions? Isn’t that a bit counterintuitive? The answer is that the Old Media is still in the tank for the losing side. But you’ll note that when we see this kind of bellicose talk from Democrats we witness no criticism from the Old Media, nor any demands that Democrats strive toward healing and bipartisanship.