Political Right Must Summon Moral Courage to Fight Back

June 27, 2013

The totalitarian political left proves every day its relentless determination to complete President Obama’s stated goal of fundamentally transforming this country. The political right can either wake up to this reality and unite in promoting a better vision or stand by and watch its children’s future disintegrate.

The left criticizes the right for its alleged partisanship, extremism, intolerance and angst, when the left dwarfs the right in all these characteristics.

Contrary to leftist propaganda, mainstream conservatives haven’t grown more strident or extreme — unless you define extremists as those who are valiantly trying to preserve America’s greatness and prevent the left from steamrolling its agenda against the will of the people.

At this point, conservatives would almost be happy just to preserve a modicum of the institutional greatness that has made this country the most extraordinary nation in world history.

Notwithstanding a recent Rasmussen poll revealing that Obama supporters believe tea party members constitute as great a threat to the country as Islamic terrorists, we don’t see misbehavior, violence or extremism emanating from the maligned tea party. We do, however, see it from the leftist Occupy Wall Street movement and leftist union thugs.

It is the left that has grown dramatically more extreme and belligerent. The left has no interest in bipartisanship or camaraderie with the right except to the extent that it can secure support of useful, establishment Republicans to naively enable its extremist agenda.

Liberals are forcing their agenda on this nation bit by bit, dismantling its institutions brick by brick, but there is no satisfying them. With each victory, their appetite for more only increases. Likewise, with each defeat, they renew their resolve and redouble their efforts. They know they are rewarded for their relentlessness and their perseverance. They know that the right lacks the unity, the moral courage and the stamina to put as much on the line in behalf of its own ideas, so they think it’s just a matter of time before they prevail.

The so-called wealthy pay dramatically more in income tax and most other taxes, both in terms of a percentage of their income and in actual dollars. The bottom half of income earners pay no income taxes; 20 percent of the people are on food stamps; and other welfare programs are bursting at the seams. But it’s never enough for liberals, especially Obama. Until the wealthy are no longer wealthy, Obama will not be satisfied.

No matter what progress the nation has made on civil rights and race, it will not be enough for the left, for grievance is its lifeblood.

The left doesn’t want merely to live and let live. It must demonize the wealthy, corporations, big oil, the coal industry and banks. It doesn’t just want acceptance of gays. It wants to demonize as bigots those who believe in preserving traditional marriage.

Its professed dedication to religious liberty is a sham. We’ve seen the selective assaults on speech and on Christian expression in the United States military under this administration. We’ve watched Obama brazenly obliterate his promise not to intrude on the conscience rights of religious institutions.

Obama has succeeded in cramming Obamacare down the people’s throats with endless lies and bribes and, to this day, remains unaccountable for any of his deceptions. The program is recognized as a “train wreck,” but he’s unapologetically doubling down.

Obama has openly targeted for extinction and abuse the coal and oil industries in the name of the junk science of man-made “climate change.” Yet even if this “science” were true, all of the left’s proposed remedies wouldn’t appreciably reduce global temperature over the next century, even if other powerful nations participated. So it is not abating global warming liberals seek but the statism they are advancing in its name.

Obama’s Justice Department refuses to prosecute actual cases of voter intimidation committed by the left’s constituents and manufactures false allegations of voter suppression by its opponents, and Obama’s White House orchestrates the systematic suppression of opposition voters through the instrumentality of a dangerously politicized and tyrannical Internal Revenue Service. When caught, they stonewall and plead the Fifth but never apologize. They just soldier on as if on a mission from some god.

The examples are endless, but what will never be endless is the left’s determination to radically and permanently change this country from what made it great to what will ensure its demise.

Unless and until the political right comes to its senses about Obama and the left’s ultimate goals, demonstrates the moral courage to fight back just as hard as they do and unites in a firm commitment to keep America strong, prosperous and free, America as we know it will end; it’s just a matter of time.

But despite my seeming pessimism, in the end, I believe that America will awaken to the gravity of the threats it faces and fight back to beat them back. I refuse to believe otherwise.