PinocchiObama and His Ongoing Sequester Dissembling

April 29, 2013

PinocchiObama is at it again, using his weekly address to the nation to spin tall tales, demonize and scapegoat Republicans, misidentify the nation’s problems, and propose the exact wrong solutions.

He opened up this week’s fiction with the umpteenth repetition of his empty claim that the nation’s top priority “must be growing the economy, creating good jobs and rebuilding opportunity for the middle class.”

How many times has Obama promised to “pivot” toward a “laserlike focus” on jobs? How interesting that he chose to repeat this very same claim just as the Government Accountability Institute released a report concluding that Obama has spent twice as much time on vacation and golf as he has in economic meetings throughout his entire term in office.

What prompted Obama’s claim this time was the brouhaha over the sequester cuts, the irresponsible allocation of which has caused problems in the aviation industry. Congress passed a bill to allow the Federal Aviation Administration to reallocate these cuts to alleviate flight delays.

Obama agreed to sign the bill into law, but he did so grudgingly. He used his address to rail against the sequestration and against Republicans and Congress for allowing the cuts to be imposed. In fact, Obama used the word “reckless” in his remarks to describe not the federal government’s unconscionably wasteful spending under his direction but the sequester cuts.

Obama also used the term “Band-Aid,” but not to describe his phony proposed solutions to our spending and entitlement problems, which would have been a perfectly accurate description; he was describing Congress’ “temporary fix” of the FAA problem. He spent three-fourths of his words to tell us how essential it is that we keep government spending at its current irresponsible levels because of the “vital services” government provides to people — who just cannot get along without Big Brother.

Over and over again, Obama tells us what he thinks of the American free enterprise system. Over and over, he betrays his ideological allegiance to the wrongheaded notion that only government can cause economic growth.

Despite history — particularly the past four-plus years, which has told us just the opposite — Obama will not come off his destructive commitment to his continuing to grow the government at all costs.

He has no confidence in the private sector or in Americans to create their own jobs. He never talks about getting the government out of the way so the private sector can breathe real oxygen and begin to grow again. His tardily filed budget was filled with proposals for more punitive taxes on the “rich” and more spending, including on his demonstrably failed, wasteful and corrupt green energy experiments. His budget would add another $5.3 trillion to the national debt over the next decade, and that is using absurdly conservative projections, especially concerning Obamacare. And he has the audacity to talk to us about Band-Aids?

Once again, Obama misrepresented the sequestration as the Republicans’ idea, even after he had been caught red-handed lying about this before. His doomsday predictions about the effects of the sequestration have also been exposed, yet he just keeps repeating them.

The truth is that the sequester “cuts” weren’t really cuts at all; they were mostly reductions in rates of spending increase. To the extent there were actual cuts, they were marginal and only significant and dangerous in the area of our national defense.

As has been his practice, Obama has exploited the sequestration for political purposes, with exhibit A being his termination of White House tours. He wants the public to feel his version of pain while he protects his corrupt allocations to more Solyndras and refuses to curb real government waste. Indeed, House Speaker John Boehner said, “The disruption to America’s air traffic system over the past week was a consequence of the administration’s choice to implement the president’s sequestration cuts in the most painful manner possible.”

Obama’s just panicking because the sequestration isn’t causing the chaos he guaranteed, which undermines his credibility in promising otherwise and also undermines his ludicrously disingenuous assertion that every single government program he supports is urgent.

With Obama out there on the stump misleading the American people about the sequestration and the indispensability of government, now is the time for Republicans to step up to the plate and begin talking about economic growth again and the power and wonders of the free market. They need to quit always accepting the debate on Obama’s terms and start proactively making the case for entrepreneurship — for the growth of the private sector and the reduction of government. No one seems to talk about private-sector growth anymore. That must stop.

The Republicans mustn’t let this opportunity pass.