New A Few Questions I’d like To See President Obama Answer

October 18, 2012

I can only scratch the surface here, but the following are a few of the questions I would like to see President Obama answer in a debate.

Mr. President, your confidante Valerie Jarrett once said: “There’s nobody more self-critical than President Obama. Part of the burden of being so bright is that he sees his error immediately.” If that is accurate, sir, why do you feel it took you so long to realize you were shellacked in the first debate, and why did you still bitterly cling to that error days afterward, saying that if people would read the transcript, they’d realize you won?

Time’s Joe Klein once wrote in his blog post “Too Dumb to Thrive” that America’s opposition to Obama’s stimulus package “is yet further evidence that Americans are flagrantly ill-informed. … It is very difficult to thrive in an increasingly competitive world if you’re a nation of dodos.” Mr. President, do you share your fellow liberals’ contempt for the American people, and is that what you meant when you lamented that democracy is messy and that you pine for the power of a Chinese president? Was that your mindset when you whispered to the Russians that you’d be able to be more “flexible” on missile defense after your re-election?

You criticized Mitt Romney for shooting first and aiming later. Were you referring to the attitude you displayed when you condemned the Cambridge police for acting “stupidly” in their arrest of your friend and Harvard professor Henry Gates before you were apprised of all the relevant facts — or perhaps during your repeated scapegoating of a video for the Benghazi, Libya, attack? I realize that second example might be a bit unfair because in reality you were acting not just precipitously but deceitfully there, as you knew the attacks were preplanned and not the result of a video at the time you made the claim.

Has the recent uncovering of evidence showing that domestic terrorist Bill Ayers was actually your colleague years ago made you want to recant your assurances in 2008 that he was just a guy in the neighborhood?

Were you the slightest bit sincere when you promised to publish all nonemergency legislation on your website for five days before signing it or that the Obamacare debates would be televised on C-SPAN as part of your commitment to have the most open and transparent administration in history?

Why did you promise at Notre Dame that you would “honor the conscience rights of those who disagree with abortion,” when your administration was already quietly in the process of overturning President George W. Bush’s conscience rights protections? Why, after making that speech, did you require health insurance plans to cover abortion-inducing drugs?

Why did your administration authorize federal funding for abortions in several states after you made a solemn promise that “no federal dollars” would pay for “elective abortions”? And under what authority and by what criteria did you grant more than 1,000 Obamacare waivers?

You maintain you are a “fierce advocate” of the free market. Given that your administration has promulgated oppressive regulations at an unprecedented pace, you rammed Obamacare through, your administration encourages an adversarial relationship between labor and business to the point that your National Labor Relations Board tried to deny Boeing its freedom to relocate a manufacturing facility, you’ve attacked the Chamber of Commerce and businesses fear your administration as being anti-business, would you like to correct the record now?

Under what authority did you arrange for your union allies to receive a far greater percentage than the law allowed at the expense of secured creditors in the GM and Chrysler restructurings?

Please explain how just a month after you told La Raza you “can’t change immigration laws” on your own, your administration issued a memo directing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, attorneys and directors, essentially, to ease up on deportation actions for those categories of illegal aliens for whom you sought amnesty in the DREAM Act, which Congress rejected?

How do you justify unilaterally granting waivers to states for the No Child Left Behind Act’s requirement that schools become proficient in math and reading by 2014, provided they adopt education policy changes your administration deems necessary?

How can you say you haven’t claimed that government creates jobs in light of your demand that government spend nearly $1 trillion of borrowed money to get the economy moving again? Why do you keep demanding more stimulus packages, such as high-speed rail and the American Jobs Act?

How do you maintain you are the most frugal president in 60 years, considering that you’ve added $5.5 trillion to the national debt in three-plus years, whereas President Bush added $4 trillion in two terms? How can you blame your spending orgy on Republicans when the most recent budget you submitted, without any GOP input, projected budget deficits averaging almost $1 trillion a year for the next decade? Why haven’t you insisted your Senate Democrats pass a budget in more than 1,200 days? Why have you presented no economic agenda for your second term?

Would you like to apologize for recklessly wasting the taxpayers’ money on Solyndra, your weatherizing homes scheme and other green projects?