Electional Results

November 5, 2004

For those interested in the final vote counts, popular and electoral, with a colored map to boot, check out this New York Times link. The linked page contains links to Senate, House and Gubernatorial races.

President Bush defeated Kerry in the electoral college 286 votes to 252 votes. In the popular vote, President Bush received 59,458,641 votes, or 51.04%, and John Kerry received 55,949,384, or 48.03%. I assume these numbers will change slightly as provisional ballots, etc. are added in. But these are decisive and gratifying numbers, to say the least.

P.S. I checked the Washington Post, whose numbers weren’t as current, showing Bush with only 58+ million. But the Wikepedia, a free online encyclopedia shows the numbers ever so slightly different, with Bush at 59,459,765, and Kerry with 55,949,407. I guess these numbers are changing all the time, but it would be nice to see some uniformity eventually. I remember all the confusion about the popular vote in 2000, but part of that was due to all of the other confusion.

P.S.S. C-Span shows even higher popular vote numbers with Bush at 59,617,361, and Kerry with 56,122,596.

USA Today shows yet higher numbers: Bush: 59,635,175, and Kerry: 56,140,031.

All these numbers, by the way, are fine with me. (The C-Span page has the state by state presidential popular vote totals as well.)