List of Presidential Bipartisan Overtures

November 5, 2004

After writing my column, “On Uniting, Healing, and Mandates,” it occurred to me that I could have listed all kinds of examples proving that the president truly did “reach out” to Democrats. In the column, I mentioned the education bill and his retention of George Tenet. But there are so many other things. As one person reminded me, he refused to prosecute the Clintonoid White House vandals. And it wasn’t because there wasn’t proof. And these brazen people, after the president had the decency not to go after them, had the audacity to say his people had fabricated the whole thing. Just like spoiled brat children. It turns out there was substantial damage.

What about the president’s unwise, albeit reluctant, signing of the Campaign Finance Reform Bill? What about the fact that he never vetoed any bill? I know the Dems exploited that fact as if it meant he wasn’t a strong leader. But we are the ones who had a right to be upset about it. He definitely tries to get along with these people.

There are plenty of other examples, but I must move on to other things to complain about right now. If you think of any more examples of the president’s bipartisanship (or of the Democrats’ rank partisanship, for that matter, though that could fill a book), please e-mail them or ping.

P.S. Too my shock and amazement, when I spellchecked this little entry I noticed that the checker got hung up on “Clintonoids.” Of course I added the word to it’s memory. But since we oppressive, tyrannical conservatives are in control now, shouldn’t our dictatorial president issue an edict mandating that beautiful word’s incorporation in all dictionaries of import? 🙂