Foreign Election Monitors

October 7, 2004

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center gives us some additional cause for concern on the harebrained scheme to have foreign monitors for our elections in November. Here’s the first paragraph of this disturbing piece:

The U.S. State Department cracked open the door and now the invasion has begun. Foreign election monitors determined to oversee the U.S. election this November seem to be coming out of the woodwork. Even Jimmy Carter has gotten into the act. The bottom line is that the November election is being set up to humiliate the United States and place in doubt the legitimacy of our government.

DeWeese goes on to say:

The constant blather about “transparent and fair elections” and the “democratic process” is simply a smokescreen to hide the real purpose of the monitors. They are coming here to impose a political agenda. Virtually everyone involved in the election-monitoring scheme is a radically-active leftist committed to a political agenda that calls for the destruction of national sovereignty by replacing it with global governance. To implement such an agenda in the United States requires a breakdown in the trust of our national and state government institutions. Thata^?(TM)s the true mission of the monitors. Consequently, the November election will resemble nothing ever before seen at the polls by Americans.
I don’t know if some grandiose globalist conspiracy is behind this, but I do believe there is no possible justification for this highly dangerous development. Democrats did immeasurable damage to the integrity of the election process by discrediting the Florida elections in 2000 and by falsely alleging that blacks were being intimidated from voting, and the like. This election promises infinitely greater mischief across the board and the foreign election monitors are about as reckless as it gets. How can this be happening under a Republican administration? How can our state department be so off base? Why isn’t their universal concern over the threat this poses to American sovereignty? A few years ago — no, a few months ago you would have been laughed out of the room if you suggested that foreigners would monitor U.S. elections. But increasingly the laughable becomes the pathetic reality. I think it would be difficult to overstate the impropriety of this insanity.