National Review Online Reports On Alleged Election Day Mischief

November 2, 2004

Kathryn Lopez at National Review Online’s “The Corner” (always a must read), reports: MOVE.ON AT THE POLLS [KJL]

I’ve heard this from several readers this morning and have Bush-Cheney confirmation. has set up at polling places in several places. They have tables and claim to be doing exit polls. Legally, they can be within 100-300 feet (varies by state) but not any closer, and they are violating this in many states. County officials are working to move them and in some cases cops have been called to remove them. These problems have been reported in: IA, MI, MN, ME, CO, NH, WI.

I bet you that any voter intimidation we see today will be from the Dem, not the Republican side. So many of them, as we see, are bullies.