Half-Measures Won’t Work Against Tyranny

July 19, 2010

I am continually mystified by conservatives who urge Republicans to pick their battles against Obama out of fear we’ll compromise our effectiveness if we oppose him every time he needs to be opposed. What a defeatist mindset!

For instance, some I respect recommend against Republican efforts to repeal the Democrats’ financial “overhaul” bill. They laud the effort but believe it will reduce the likelihood of their repealing Obamacare.

I reject the notion that Republicans possess a finite amount of political capital to oppose bills that are bad for America. It’s not as if they’re playing “Monopoly” and must conserve their “Monopoly” money. This isn’t about what’s good for the Republican Party. It’s about opposing — as a matter of principle — Obama’s systematic assault on America. Americans understand that.

Those who suggest that we approach these matters delicately grossly underestimate the American people and their innate appreciation for liberty. The timid approach, the fear of governing to the right, is always what gets Republicans in trouble.

Modern history bears this out. Ronald Reagan won landslides by sticking to his conservative principles, albeit imperfectly. George H.W. Bush lost favor with the electorate, starting with his base, for defecting from conservative principles, e.g., with his broken “no new taxes” pledge.

George W. Bush lost favor with the electorate far more because of his betrayal of conservative principles on domestic policy than because of the unpopularity of the protracted Iraq war. Liberals would have us believe Dubya was too conservative, but for mainstreamers, he wasn’t nearly conservative enough.

Republicans urgently need to jump onto the Obamacare repeal bandwagon because if left in place, even if significantly diluted, it will destroy the best health care system in the world, greatly erode our individual liberties, further expand the government and bureaucratic classes, and accelerate the nation’s financial ruin. You cannot leave any of it in place because, like all government programs, it will mushroom again at the first opportunity. Obama was counting on this when he shoved and bribed through Obamacare, knowing that it would be very difficult to repeal it once in place.

If Republicans lead the repeal effort, they should not have to expend one molecule of political capital in the process, because every one of their reasons is in line with the will of the people and what is good for the nation.

On the other hand, if they approach this fecklessly and nibble around at the edges, as even some conservative congressmen have suggested, they’ll greatly dispirit their base and undermine the cause of principled opposition. They will be giving our Alinskyite president a gift and playing right into his hands. They will be enabling — after the fact — his sordid, corrupt methods to pass Obamacare in the first place.

The same is true if they pick and choose their battles as to which major items of legislation they oppose. That is, if Republicans calculate that they can’t vigorously oppose the financial boondoggle because they’re going all-out to repeal Obamacare, they’ll reduce their chances to repeal Obamacare, as well.

In promoting his extremist, no-holds-barred agenda, Obama has been counting on Republican weakness and disunity. The more damaging slop he throws on the legislative wall the more will remain.

To their credit, Republicans have been united on many issues. But they seem to be losing steam in the face of Obama’s relentlessness.

The best formula for reversing this brutal war on our nation’s financial stability, national security and national identity and on our individual liberties is for Republicans to oppose Obama with full force on each and every noxious proposal he presents — which is just about every one. They must be as tireless in their opposition as he is in his assault. If they balk, they’ll simply be fueling third-party efforts — efforts that will only redound to Obama’s benefit.

They should repeal Obamacare when they can, vigorously fight back on “comprehensive immigration reform” and financial reform, obliterate cap and trade, repeal the newly imposed tax increases and reduce other taxes — including corporate, estate and capital gains — as soon as possible.

They mustn’t agonize over whether to filibuster Elena Kagan, who is manifestly contemptuous of the United States Constitution as written. The Democrats — Obama himself — set the precedent for such filibusters, and Republicans have to fight fire with fire. No more Mr. Nice Guy, and no more apologies for standing against these monumentally wrongheaded judges. This is a no-brainer, so quit dithering and oppose her, and do it openly and unapologetically.

By opposing Obama across the board — on principle — they will not only be doing the right thing but also be rewarded at the polls. Look at the latest Arizona poll, showing Obama’s approval rating down to 28 percent, in no small part because Arizona politicians are standing up to Obama’s tyranny.

Half-measures won’t work against tyranny.