Obama’s Gifts to the ‘Outlier’ Have Only Just Begun

March 29, 2010

Whatever you do, don’t assume that Obamacare and the rest of Obama’s statist agenda will be easy to reverse because the public is so outraged. Obama and his relentless leftist armies have only just begun to fight.

One might suspect that after strong-arming Obamacare through Congress over the objections of a substantial majority of Americans, the Obamunists would lie low for a while — or that they would at least pretend to make conciliatory overtures to the other side to heal the rifts they’ve caused in this nation.

Hardly. The left wing is in full gloating mode. Liberal columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. wrote: “Yes, we did. Finally, President Obama can use those words. … No longer will the United States be the outlier among wealthy nations in leaving so many of its citizens without basic health coverage.” Yes, that evil old United States — you know, the “outlier” who, up to now, has not forced millions of people who don’t want to buy health insurance to buy it. And who will provide further insurance to millions more who already have access to federal health assistance but don’t avail themselves of it.

There will be no mea culpas for the outrageous abuses they committed in passing this bill. There’ll be no humility and no interest in reconciling. If anything, they’re puffed up even more, as if they’re entitled to kudos for thwarting the will of the people and prepared to give them more of the same — which they are, with the likes of amnesty and cap and tax.

They are planning to sweep the nation with yet another propaganda blitz to explain to the rubes just how much better off they’ll be with less freedom, less money and worse health care. After all, the bitter clingers didn’t quite get it after Obama’s first 100 speeches on the subject.

The Democrats’ message to Republicans: Give it up. Give it up for our savior, Barack Obama, and give up your fantasies about repealing his socialist gifts to the “outlier,” especially Obamacare. Get with the program. Join the new wave of American progressivism. Sure, it may not be popular now, but you’ll learn to like it — just as the Iranian people like their dictator and show it every time they get a chance to vote for him.

Sen. Dick Durbin told Republicans they are in denial and need to accept the finality of health care changes. “We’re going to tell our people back home, ‘It’s time to govern. It’s time to lead.'” I think he meant: “We’re going to tell our constituents that it’s time to ‘dictate.’ No, I don’t mean we’ll tell them face to face. I’m not suggesting more town hall meetings. You think I’m nuts?” Yes, but that’s another subject.

I think that’s a wise move, Senator. For if you were to show up at town hall meetings, you might be faced with some more questions you can’t answer and some hard facts you can’t explain away. You might recall when Rep. Paul Ryan and other Republicans exposed the many accounting deceits contained in Obamacare during the health care summit — you know, tricks such as keeping major items off the budget to make it appear as if the bill wouldn’t increase the deficit. Obama had no answer then, which didn’t keep him from talking as long as all the Republicans combined. He has no answer now.

In fact, in a memo leaked to Politico, Democrats admitted that when the entire health care package is viewed as a whole, it increases the deficit. The memo even encouraged deceit by telling staffers and congressmen to gloss over the accounting details. For example, if the Congressional Budget Office had factored in the full repeal of the sustainable growth rate governing payments to physicians, the bill’s mythical budget neutrality would have been obliterated.

Since the bill has passed, some Democratic politicians have been more candid about their motives. Fox News reports that Sen. Max Baucus admitted Obamacare “will have the effect of addressing that maldistribution of income in America.” Thanks for admitting your socialist mindset now, Senator.

But there is an even more ominous sign the Democrats are drunk with power and out of control following the passage of Obamacare. Congressional Democrats are going to use the strong arm of government to intimidate and punish certain corporations who had the audacity to announce imminent losses that will result from Obamacare. In required regulatory filings, AT&T, John Deere, Verizon and others announced plans to book one-time costs — up to $1 billion — because of the bill. They said the new law will make it more expensive to provide prescription drug coverage for their retired employees, which obviously embarrassed Obama-proud Democrats.

So Reps. Henry Waxman and Bart “the Phony” Stupak have summoned these companies’ executives to Washington to explain themselves.

What will these power-drunk bullies try next?