The Beginning of the End or of Rebirth?

March 22, 2010

The Democrats’ passage of socialized medicine Sunday night will spell either the beginning of the end of this great nation or the beginning of the rebirth of its freedom. The choice is still in the hands of Americans.

To borrow a phrase from President Barack Obama, “let’s be clear” on a couple of things:

First, it’s not an exaggeration to say Obamacare is socialized medicine; in fact, it doesn’t go far enough simply to say it represents the government takeover of our entire health care system. It is also a major step (begun long ago) in the complete dismantling of the unique American constitutional experiment and of the social compact between Americans and their government. Obama’s now-realized goal of fundamental change is to make the government the people’s master instead of their servant.

Secondly, we should not suffer gladly those painfully naive people who will continue to say that Obama and his obedient congressional Democrats are not radical. It may make people feel better about themselves to promote congeniality and bipartisanship, but to fantasize about such quixotic goals under this type of radical assault on our nation is tantamount to enabling it.

Thirdly, Obama and the Democrats have been unconscionably deceptive about their aims, even though Obama couldn’t help but reveal his extremism from time to time. He certainly promised “fundamental change” but was so vague that many assumed his idea of “hope and change” meant something consistent with American values. Others knew full well what grandiose plans he had in store to overthrow America’s social compact. There was no mistaking his intent when you examined his radical background and radical relationships; his extremist position on human life, including supporting a form of infanticide; his promise to redistribute wealth; his obvious grudge against America; and his experience as a street agitator in Chicago.

If the Democrats’ motives were honorable, they wouldn’t be so deceptive in everything they do, particularly in their endless drive to impose Obamacare on this nation against the unmistakable and undeniable will of the people. I couldn’t fully catalog the Democratic lies and abuses surrounding this bill with the space remaining in this column, but let’s just touch on a few:

–Public option: Obama kept insisting that his bill wasn’t about a government takeover of insurance, yet the bill will result in government’s taking comprehensive control over health care (17,000 new IRS agents alone) and government’s converting private insurers from private market risk evaluators to publicly regulated utilities completely under government control.

–Abortion: How long ago was it that Obama was promising the bill didn’t contain a provision for the federal funding of abortion? Now we’re way beyond that lie and discussing the enforceability of his bogus pledge to negate that provision through an executive order.

–Costs and taxes: In considering the whopper that Obamacare will reduce health care costs, don’t just consider the direct cost increases for care. Also factor in the hidden transfer costs that will be imposed on working people and the enormous tax increases this will involve, which even many liberals have admitted.

–Fraud: the accounting shenanigans they employed to get the Congressional Budget Office to score this debacle as deficit-neutral.

–Abuse of process: If this were a plan beneficial to Americans, Democrats wouldn’t have had to resort to every unconstitutional and illegal legislative trick imaginable.

–Choice: They said the bill wouldn’t interfere with patients’ choices over care and their physicians, that it would even — don’t laugh — give people the same luxurious plans afforded to members of Congress.

–The uninsured: This bill was never about insuring the uninsured; millions already have federal assistance and don’t use it. Millions more can afford it and choose not to but will now be forced to buy it. And millions will remain uninsured after this bill.

–Rationing: It’s inevitable. They planned it, and it’s all over the bill, but they still deny it.

–Transparency: worse than laughable.

–Republicans: Obama was forced to retract his lie that Republicans have no plan and favor retaining the status quo, but he has already resurrected it under the apparent assumption people didn’t hear his earlier retraction.

–Quality of care: How dare he continue to slander the quality of America’s health care when it is the best in the world and when he has just rammed through a system that guarantees a reduction in quality of care, as it has in every other nation that has adopted it.

–Obamacare essential to economic revival: Obama swore he couldn’t revive the economy without Obamacare, but the opposite is true because it will add yet another — the biggest ever — entitlement onto our already overburdened system.

–Bribes: If this plan were aboveboard, why the need to give special, corrupt payoffs to particular states, such as Nebraska and Louisiana?