Daschle’s Aims to Litigate to Victory

November 1, 2004

Read these live witness accounts of the Daschle v. Thune litigation from the Daschle v. Thune Blog as Daschle manufactures false claims of voter intimidation. One complaint is that a Republican poll watcher rolled his eyes at a voter. Here’s a quote from the account:

UPDATE: So apparently Daschle couldn’t find anyone to say there were “intimidated” so they dragged in a Howard Dean supporter from Virginia who worked in Iowa who has been in South Dakota a day to complain about faces being made.

People may think these are the most ridiculous things they’ve ever heard, but if so their memories are short, because even crazier things were happening all over Florida in those miserable 36 days in 2000 following Election Day. This is just one example of the insanity and chaos Democrats are prepared to spring on America tomorrow and following.