Radical is as Radical Does

December 17, 2009

I’m wondering whether there’s anyone out there with the guts to pretend that it’s insignificant that President Barack Obama keeps appointing radical after radical to his czar positions. Can anyone honestly say Obama’s appointments don’t tell us a great deal about Obama himself — as if we needed any further proof he is a left-wing extremist?

I don’t need to make a list of his radical appointees and detail proof of their extremism. Anyone paying attention knows it’s irrefutably true that this has become a deliberate pattern. Statistically, Obama couldn’t accidentally appoint this many radicals in two political lifetimes. Is he rubbing these people in our faces or just surrounding himself with like-minded soul mates — or both?

My educated guess is “both” because his general attitude toward governance has been utterly dictatorial. He knows what’s best for America — the type of America he envisions, anyway — and he will proceed to implement it, full well knowing that he’s violating the will of the majority every step of the way.

It’s truly sad to me that our federal government has expanded to the point that no one flinches at the thought that we need some federal bureaucrat in charge of making our local schools indoctrination facilities for homosexuality, er, safe.

As you know, Obama appointed known homosexual activist Kevin Jennings for the position.

Why would Obama, a self-professed Christian, choose Jennings, who admitted in his 2006 memoirs that he harbored a deep-seated hatred for God and religious believers at the time he embraced a homosexual lifestyle?

Jennings wrote: “Before, I was the one who was failing God; now I decided He was the one who had failed me. … I decided I had done nothing wrong: He had, by promising to ‘set you free’ and never delivering on His promise. What had He done for me, other than make me feel shame and guilt? Squat. Screw you, buddy — I don’t need you around anymore, I decided.”

Jennings may have since modified his beliefs, but it’s still clear that he hates Christian conservatives. LifeSiteNews.com reports that he told fellow homosexual activists in 2000 that members of the “religious right” were “hard-core bigots” who should “drop dead.” He said he really wanted to tell them, “F— you!”

He was also on the advisory board for a 2001 PBS documentary “that slammed” the Boy Scouts of America for its policy of excluding homosexuals from membership. This video was then promoted at gay pride conventions to galvanize homosexuals against the Scouts.

If Obama were truly God-fearing, would he rub God’s nose in this appointment?

But there’s more. Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft said that an unnamed Massachusetts teacher told him she personally witnessed Jennings in action, in 2000 at the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s Boston conference at Tufts University. In a youth workshop on sex, which specifically targeted 14- to 21-year-olds, GLSEN presenters taught kids how to perform “fisting” — a vile, despicable, obscene act involving the fist and other body parts.

Jennings supposedly denied he knew GLSEN was engaging in these presentations. But the witness said, “This whole conference was his dream and his mindset. This was his vision from the very beginning.” Indeed, Page 8 of the conference schedule contains an entry describing the “youth-only” workshop, called “What They Didn’t Tell You About Queer Sex and Sexuality in Health Class.”

Jennings is the one who, as a teacher at Concord Academy in Massachusetts, failed to report the homosexual statutory rape of a high-school sophomore to the administration or the police. He just wanted to make sure the boy was wearing a condom.

Jennings is also the man who admits to being inspired by Harry Hay, a homosexual activist and promoter of pedophilia. Hay once said: “If the parents and friends of gays are truly friends of gays, they would know from their gay kids that the relationship with an older man is precisely what 13-, 14- and 15-year-old kids need more than anything else in the world. And they would be welcoming this and welcoming the opportunity for young gay kids to have the kind of experience that they would need.”

Yes, Jennings admired this guy. And Obama, in turn, apparently admires Jennings and wants him to influence all the nation’s children.

There’s still much more, but you get the picture. How many of you believe this appointment has to do with promoting safe schools, as opposed to propagandizing for the normalization of homosexuality?